15 Disney-Inspired Wedding Cakes That Are Pure Perfection

If you’re a Disney-lover like me, you probably adore everything about their fabulous animations. From the epic songs to the plots and their strong female characters, there is a whole lot more to Disney flicks than people think. Some people take their adoration of Disney to whole new levels, though, and even have themed weddings. Well, every wedding needs a beautiful cake. Here are 15 Disney-inspired wedding cakes.


1. This Cinderella cake

There’s no doubt about it – many people adore the movie Cinderella. This cake is not over the top, but the birds at the top are inspired by the classic film. Just beautiful.


2. This classy cake, which is based on Frozen

You can see some hints of the movie here, right? The cool colors signify the icy setting of the movie Frozen. How long must this have taken?

3. Another Cinderella inspired design

This cake perfectly incorporates Cinderella’s carriage. When you look at it closely, you will see that there are many hints of the film throughout it – from the golden beads to the shape of the cake.

4. This Beauty and the Beast design

Many people say that Beauty and the Beast is their favorite Disney movie, and you can totally see why. Here’s a cake that would be fit for Belle and the man of her dreams.

5. Another Belle-esque cake design!

As if one weren’t enough, here is yet another cake design that is completely inspired by Beauty and the Beast. Here, we see a beautiful reimagining of the rose.

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6. This memorable quote

Some lines from Disney films just stick with you forever after you hear them. Here is a rather romantic one from Snow White – which is simply ideal for a wedding.


7. This Sleeping Beauty cake

Remember when Sleeping Beauty’s fairy godmothers made her a cake? Well, it looked  a little something like this. This is a stunning idea for a cake design.


8. This Alice in Wonderland cake

There is just so much intricate detail on this cake design that it’s truly hard not to fall in love with it. If you adore Alice in Wonderland, you will love this.

9. This cake is… Maleficent

Maleficent tells the tale of Sleeping Beauty from the point of view of the so-called baddie. It’s a truly captivating film – a little like this cake.

10. This utterly beautiful Snow White cake

Don’t eat the apple! This is a cake totally inspired by the first ever Disney feature-length animation. Even now, the tale of Snow White stands up as one of the greatest films ever.

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11. Under the sea

Ariel is a strong, sassy lady, and so it’s no wonder that so many women love her so very much. Here is a Little Mermaid-inspired cake – isn’t it gorgeous?


12. It’s a small world after all

This cake is completely inspired by It’s a Small World. Take a look at how many tiny details there are speckled all over the design. This work of art must have taken days to complete. Still, it is so worth it. This cake looks simply beautiful.


13. This Tangled cake

Tangled is one of the more recent Disney movies, but that does not mean that us adults can’t enjoy it too. This cake has just a hint (the hair) of the Movie on it. This is a seriously classy design if you ask me.

14. Another Snow White cake

It seems as though many people want to have a Snow White themed cake for their wedding party. This one takes on quite a different style to the last, using more color and detail to convey the message. What’s more, it comes on a golden crown. Wow.

15. This Alice in Wonderland tribute

Finally, take a look at this Alice in wonderland inspired cake decoration. Again, the designer has not gone overboard when it comes to decoration here. Rather, they have left little hints about the cake’s inspiration all over the design. What could be better?

Here are some more beautiful Disney-esque cakes:

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