15 Classic School Supplies That Will Take You Way Back To Your Childhood

It might have been some years since you were in school, but I bet you have some incredible memories of that time. When you look back, do you smile fondly about all the things you used to do? Wouldn’t it be lovely to take a walk down memory lane and look at the way things once were? Well, now you can! Here are 15 school supplies that will take you way back.


1. This old projector


Via Etsy

Do you remember this old thing? Every time you had a presentation at school, you would be using this beauty. It looks so outdated now, but you loved it.


2. These metal scissors

Getting to finally use these in class was a real honor, wasn’t it? When you were in the lower classes, you were desperate to use them. How silly does that seem now?

3. This compass

This one will probably bring back some terrible memories. I don’t know about you but I was NOT a fan of math. It was the worst.

4. These ‘vintage’ pages


Via Etsy

Can you believe that this is actually considered vintage now? Wow, that makes me feel old. These days, kids probably just use iPads instead.

5. This sachel

If you were really lucky back when you were in middle school, you will have had one of these. This is one of the most prized possessions you could have back then.

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6. This sliding ruler

If you ever managed to get into the highest math level (yeah, that was not me!), this will look familiar to you. Do you remember it? f you do, it means that you were a whole lot smarter than I was in middle school.


7. This math set


Via Etsy

Everyone had one of these things, didn’t they? I remember using this all the time. It had everything you could possibly need in it. Still, there were some things (like that triangle thing!), that you never, ever ended up using. Or is that just me?


8. This cardboard box


Via Etsy

If you didn’t have this, you were seriously missing out. Many people used to keep their pencils in this little cardboard box. I certainly had one of these! The best thing about this was the fact that it was educational as well as useful. The dream.

9. This library stamp sheet


Via Flickr

If you were something of a bookworm when you were a kid, you will surely recognize this one. I remember that I would always bring back books late and the woman would get so mad at me. I couldn’t help it – I was a seriously scatty kid.

10. Golden Gum glue

Everyone wanted to play with this when they were in school. When you ended up doing some art and crafts, you would run and grab this stuff. It is that simple. Still, there was always one kid who got there before you – and you secretly hated them.

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11. Crayola crayons

Ah, these bring back some memories. Getting a new box of these little beauties was one of the best things ever. Can you remember that beautiful smell? I know that I can! It was one of the best things ever.


12. This white paste

When people look at this one, there is one thing that they remember the most about it – the smell. It was a weird one. In fact, it smelled almost like mint. I know that sounds strange, but I am hoping that some of you out there remember it too.


13. This pencil sharpener

Okay, so you wouldn’t have had one of these things of your own, but there was definitely one in your class. You used to ask your teacher if you could go ahead and use it about 50 times a day. For some reason, it was just so much fun!

14. These flash cards

If, like me, you were seriously struggling with math, you probably recognize these cards. You used to have to use these to help you along the way. Those were the days, right? (WRONG! It was the worst thing ever.)

15. Typing erasers

Did you take typing as a class? If you did, you probably remember these weird looking things that you used to erase the ink mistakes.

Here are some things we loved about school:

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