14 Romantic Engagement Photos That Are Both Funny And Clever

After the question has been popped and (hopefully) you’ve said a big, fat yes, there is only one thing left to do. It’s time to tell all your family and friends about your engagement. Of course, you can just send a group Whatsapp message or a chain email, but where’s the full in that? Instead, some couples prefer to stage glorious photos to let the world know they are about to tie the knot. Here are just 14 that you will love.


1. An Engagement

One popular way to make sure that people know about your impending nuptials is to copy a film poster. Here, they have taken ‘An Education’ and put a romantic twist on it.


2. Wait until you see it

On the surface, this looks like an ordinary (and cute) engagement announcement picture. Um… nope. Check out who’s hiding in the background. I bet you never saw that one coming, did you?

3. This simple one

Sometimes, the simplest things work the best. Here, the bride-to-be has taken a lovely photograph looking at her partner through her engagement ring. Nothing else needs to be said here. This beautiful and romantic picture says it all.

4. We’re getting married!

This one is oh-so-sweet! The couple holding hands form the ‘M’ in ‘married,’ which is just a genius idea if you ask me. This might not be the funniest but it is the cutest one.

5. A bit of role reversal here

Stereotypically, people tend to expect the man to be less interested in the wedding plans than the woman. Now, we live in a modern world, and that is not always true. This little photo pokes fun at that whole idea.

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