Moms Weight Nearly Killed Her Daughter In Horrific Car Crash, But She Looks A Lot Different Now!

“I really regret not doing it sooner, if I could go back 20 years and change my life, I would,” she admitted.” I couldn’t do anything before – go on holiday, take my daughter out to the park or to theme parks – and now we do all those things.”


“It was all down to my diet, I had a complete disregard for what it was doing to me health-wise.”

“Not long before the accident, I had loads of mouth ulcers, I felt ill all the time, and even that wasn’t enough to make me address the problem.”


“I’d done all the diets and never stuck to them because of my mindset. The fact that I could have killed myself, my brother, my daughter and the people in the other car was the biggest wake-up call I could have had.”

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