Moms Weight Nearly Killed Her Daughter In Horrific Car Crash, But She Looks A Lot Different Now!

“I was living a delusional life – there was no excuse I hadn’t given for my weight. But the incident made me realise something had to give – I want a better life for my daughter,” she continued.”I didn’t want her to not have a mummy in 20 years, and now I can be.”


Here’s how Jeannette looks now:

“The next day, I joined Slimming World,” explained Jeanette. While she had tried dieting before, this was the first time that she took her health seriously enough for it to work.


“We go to boot camps in the park, and now I walk eight to 10 miles a day – before, I would’ve driven or got public transport everywhere. I’ve got my husband to lose weight too.” But, after losing 154 lbs, she has just one regret.

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