Moms Weight Nearly Killed Her Daughter In Horrific Car Crash, But She Looks A Lot Different Now!

When Jeannette Hunnisett was in the car with her five-year-old daughter, Daisy, she accidentally drifted off to sleep for a split-second. In that time, the vehicle veered into the path of another car. It could have been fatal for both Jeannette and her daughter, but miraculously, they survived.


You see, her brother, Jamie, managed to grab the steering wheel just in time and move the car out of harm’s way. It was a seriously close call.

It was after this incident that Jeannette decided to turn her life around. Her obesity had been a contributing factor in her falling asleep – meaning her weight had endangered the life of her child. Weighing in at 322 lbs, she felt that she needed to lose weight so that she could be a better mother to Daisy.


“It took almost killing my daughter, my brother and myself to finally make the changes,” she later told the Daily Mail. “I had always been overweight before then – since I was a teenager – and I’d made lots of bad choices. I had always lied to myself and said it wasn’t a problem, or that I didn’t know why I was overweight.”

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