13 Text Convos That Took An Unexpected Turn

Are you a witty person? I like to think that I can be pretty quick now and then. It takes a whole lot of talent to think of a joke on your feet! When you get things right, though, it can be so very funny. In text convos, people often love to make silly little jokes just to make the other person smile. After all, what could be better than spreading a little happiness, eh? Nothing! Here are 13 text convos that took a serious turn for the funny.


1. This person who was way too honest

This might sound kind of cold, but I’m pretty sure that the guy is joking. Either that or he just doesn’t know what love is.


2. This guy who will shut you down instantly!

Wow! This one had to hurt. It seems like Dave seriously does not want to be bothered at all. Still, at least he knows how to be  direct. If you got this message, what would you do?

3. The sarcasm runs deep in this one

Asking someone for money is never an easy thing to do. After all, there is nothing more awkward than talking about finances. Still, this person didn’t seem to mind.

4. You’ve got… eyes

This lady was just looking for a cute compliment, but it seems that she was never, ever going to get it. Still, when you directly ask people to say nice things about you, it’s a little awkward.

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