13 Things You Probably Never Knew About Michelle Obama

6. She writes her own speeches

While many public figures have writers who put their thoughts into awe-inspiring works of art, Michelle likes to do her own writing. She has always written her own speeches since being in the public eye. And, yes, that includes her famous 2012 speech that we all remember well.


7. She used to make $212,000 a year

But, she decided to give it all up in the name of love. Back when Barack decided to run for president, Michelle left her job and focussed all her energy on his campaign. Now, if that’s not true love and dedication, I honestly don’t know what is!


8. Her secret service name is so cool

Have you ever wondered what Michelle’s secret service name is? Well, now we know. She is actually known as “Renaissance“. I could not have thought of a better name for the First Lady myself.

9. She loves hugging people

You might think that public figures are cold and lack emotion… Well, not Michelle. She is actually known for hugging people when she first meets them. It’s just her style. She says that she finds this breaks down barriers and means that people speak more openly.

10. But she will also high five

She is probably the only First Lady to ever go around high fiving people all the time, and we have to say that we love it. Michelle is known for her casual way when it comes to meeting and greeting new people.

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