13 Things You Probably Never Knew About Michelle Obama

The First Lady of America is a fascinating woman, right? Although there is a lot the Obamas keep private in their lives, we do know a few juicy facts about this lady. One of the things that she has taught us is that you can be a strong, powerful woman, but still have fun now and then. Now, if that’s not the makings of a role model, I honestly don’t know what is. Here are 13 facts that you probably did not know about her.


1. She was once Barack’s boss

When Michelle and Barack first met, she was actually a first-year attorney, and he was only there as a summer student. He liked her (who wouldn’t) and kept on asking her out until she finally gave into him and said yes. And the rest is history!


2. She was on Maxim’s “Hot 100” list

She is actually the only First Lady to have been on this list and recently came in at number 93. Beauty and brains? This woman really does have it all, right? And she seems to do everything with such effortless style that it’s unreal.

3. One time, she took four-month-old Sasha to a job interview

Being a working mom is never easy and some of us know that more than others. When Michelle’s daughter, Sasha, was just four months old, she actually took her to a job interview with her. She was going for a high powered role at the Chicago Medical Center and couldn’t find a sitter that day.

4. She’s one of the talest First Ladies

She is actually 5’11, which makes her one of the tallest First Ladies ever. In fact, the only other one who was that tall was actually Eleanor Roosevelt. It’s weird to think that she is the same height as a previous First Lady, right?

5. She gives great advice

Right before the 2004 Democratic National Convention, Michelle had some words of wisdom for her husband. You might think that she said something deep and meaningful to him. Apparently, she just said “Just don’t screw it up, buddy!” Luckily, he didn’t!

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