12 Heartwarming Disney Classics That Have Horrifying Original Storylines

6. Aladdin

Aladdin originates from Ali Baba and 1001 Arabian Nights. In Ali Baba, Aladdin’s father is quartered  and the infamous Ali Baba just takes his body to a tailor and has him sewn back together.

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7. Frozen

Frozen is partly based on The Snow Queen, where a little boy in kidnapped by the Snow Queen who kisses him twice, making him numb to the cold and he forgets about his family. Years later his friend comes to rescue him, summer returns to the land, and the boy learns an important lesson about talking to strangers.


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8. Tangled

In the original Rapunzel the prince is blind, I never knew that part! He hears Rapunzel’s voice, who, by the way, has given birth to twins since she’s been in the tower. They find each other, and Rapunzel restores the prince’s eyesight with her tears. Pretty beautiful!


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9. Hercules

In one original Hercules tale his stepmother drives him mad and he ends up murdering his own children. In another he rips his own skin off and lights himself on fire. I can feel the burn!

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10. The Fox and The Hound

In the original, Copper and Tod grow up, but they aren’t friends anymore. Tod dies of exhaustion, then Copper’s owner shoots him because he’s moving to a nursing home. No wonder Disney changed it a little…

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