12 Heartwarming Disney Classics That Have Horrifying Original Storylines

We assume that Disney movies are full of sunshine and rainbows, because that’s what we see on the surface, right?

But when you read the horrifying original story lines behind these 15 classics, you’ll never see them in the same way again.

Are you ready? Beware – this may change a LOT!


1. The Little Mermaid

In the original Hans Christian Andersen tale the little mermaid makes a deal with a sea witch, but it has some horrible consequences. She has her tongue cut off, her new legs make her feel like she’s walking on stilts and if the prince doesn’t agree to marry her she dies and turns into sea foam. I think I’ll avoid Ursula!

Disney Disney EMGN1

2. Cinderella

The Disney Cinderella sticks to the original plot line for the most part. Except, they forget to mention that when the prince comes round with the glass slipper, Cinderella’s step sisters cut their toes off so their feet will fit. Ouch! All that for a pair of shoes ladies, really?


Disney Disney EMGN2

3. Pocahontas

So was only a child when she met John Smith, and whether she really did interfere in his execution is unknown. But we do know she was captured by the colonists, possible raped, married off to an Englishman and forced to convert to Christianity. She was brought to England, and on her way back to America she fell ill and died at just 22 years old. I thought I had it bad…

Disney Disney EMGN3

4. Snow White

So, in the Brother’s Grimm version the evil queen has no idea Snow White survived the poison apple scare. She happily attends the wedding of the young prince where she finds out Snow White’s alive, and she’s made to wear red hot shoes and dance til she dies. That’s a far cry from the Disney remake!

Disney Disney EMGN4

5. The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Victor Hugo’s novel is a little different to Walt’s version. Esmerelda is framed for attempted murder, Quasimodo rescues her, but then Frollo captures her again and kills her. I guess there really is no such thing as a happy ending.

Disney Disney EMGN5

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