12 Of The Most Awkward Things Caught On Google Street View

9. He was not scratching it!

There is just no way that this guy can deny the fact that he is picking his nose. He can make up all the excuses that he likes, but it’s clear to me what he’s up to. I hate it when people pick their noses and then try to lie about it later. Gross.


10. Well, this is awkward

This man probably did not want the entire world to know that he had bought a blow-up doll. Still, if it was such a big secret, I’m guessing that he would not be walking around town with it. What an odd thing to do!


11. Casually reading the paper

This guy is casually reading the paper, but it looks like he’s forgotten something kind of major. Wait a minute! Where are his clothes?! I mean, did he just forget to put them on this morning or something? Seems like an odd choice if you ask me.

12. And then there’s this dog

Of course, this article could not be complete without a picture of a dog relieving itself. The amount of times that Google Street View must have caught this on camera is unreal. Still, at least you can’t see anything. That would be horrible! I hope the owner picked that up in a bag!

Here are some more weird pictures from Street View:

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