12 Of The Most Awkward Things Caught On Google Street View

5. What are you doing in the trunk?!

I really need to know what this guy was doing in the back of his trunk and where his clothes actually are. Some crazy stuff must have gone down for it to end up like this, let me tell you that.


6. This poor girl

The camera caught this little lady right as she fell over. As if it weren’t embarrassing enough to fall over in front of all your pals. This little girl ended up falling over in front of the entire world… Well, in  a way!


7. Um… okay…

Are these guys in some kind of gang or what? It looks like they are traveling as a pack, which is kind of weird if you ask me. I’m so glad that Google managed to capture this one at just the right moment. For some bizarre reason, this picture really tickles me.

8. Go back inside

This guy is seriously too nosy for his own good. Someone needs to tell him to go back inside! He wants to see what the Google car looks like and instead he ended up on Google. Well done, mate.

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