12 Of The Most Awkward Things Caught On Google Street View

Have you ever used Google Street View? Most people only use it to check where stuff is, but if you go exploring on there you can find some truly weird and wonderful stuff. From people streaking to bizarre masks, there are some odd pictures captured on this site. I mean, the camera could be anywhere at anytime. That means that they are bound to catch people doing freaky stuff when they think that no one else is nearby. Here are just 12 of the most awkward things caught on Google Street View.


1. An actual arrest

Being caught on Google Street View is probably the last thing on these guys’ minds. Still, you have to wonder what the story is here. Who would have thought that the camera would come back right at this very moment? How weird is that?!


2. Just keep driving!

This is the very last thing you would want to see while driving down the highway. Better just keep on driving and pretend that you didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. It’s really the only way to deal with the situation if you ask me.

3. Why not get in the truck?

So, you can see the Google car coming towards you and your standing in the middle of the road, what do you do? You can either get in your truck and hide or just stand there and let it take a photo of you. Why did this lady not make the right choice?

4. What’s the story here

I’m pretty sure that this child is not mugging anyone here. It looks like he is just playing about with a toy gun. Still, you have to wonder what happened here and why the kid looks so very angry!

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