11 People Who Have Totally Given Up Trying To Do A Good Job

Sometimes, we all get tired of our day-job. Don’t worry – you are totally not alone in this at all. When we get bored of it, it’s easy to start to get a little lazy about certain things. Still, no matter how you feel, you should always try to get things right. Here are just 11 people who totally gave up on trying to do a good job and, instead, did the worst one possible.


1. Whoever put these together



I’m pretty sure that men don’t want to pee that close together in a tiny cubicle. Not only is this toilet impractical, it’s actually kind of funny as well. Someone must have been playing a silly joke here, right? That’s the only explanation.


2. The person who put a bench here


Surely they noticed that little hole when they were putting the bench here, right? I mean, it’s right there in front of them. The bench is getting absolutely covered in some kind of waste water and who even knows what it is? Yikes.

3. The person who made this burger


The worst part about this is that the person did not even try to get the cheese anywhere near the burger. It looks like they just slapped it on top of the bun at the end before they wrapped it. Someone needs re-training on how to make a cheeseburger!

4. The person who forgot to move the ladder


This one is a huge mistake. The ladder is essentially part of the house now. They really should have thought about moving it before they decided to install those beams. Now they will have to start all over again. Silly, silly, builders!

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