10-Year-Old Is Chased By Cops With Guns. Then, The Neighbors Form A Human Shield Around Him!

Brace yourself… Patricia Preston is a mom from Newark, New Jersey. Recently, she posted a long Facebook story alleging that cops in her area had chased her 10-year-old son, pulled out their guns and ordered him to stop in the street.


At the time, her son, Legend, was chasing a basketball in the street and the cops thought that he fitted the description of an armed robber they were searching for at the time.

“I ran because they thought that I rolled the ball into the street on purpose, and they were just holding shotguns at me, trying to shoot me,” Legend later explained to the news.


At the time, the police were actually looking for a 20-year-old armed robber by the name of Casey Joeseph Robinson. As you might imagine, the whole thing was very distressing for the family, who later took to Facebook to share the news.

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