10 Reasons Why Girls’ Clothes Suck Big Time

8. Yoga pants are a joke



If you have ever tried yoga, you will know that yoga pants are an actual joke. They are completely see-through most of the time, which is a real nightmare. On top of that, they are thin, uncomfortable, and will cost you way more than you expect. (Plus, they are meant to be sports gear, but some people think that they are for everyday wear…. which is an issue.)


9. Fake pockets should not even exist

Men’s clothes never seem to have fake pockets on them, and yet every pair of women’s jeans you can find will have these things. They don’t look good and they are pointless. Us ladies need somewhere to put our small change as well, which is what makes this whole thing one massive joke. Erm… Could we have some pockets, please?


10. Bodycon dresses are a nightmare



Have you ever tried to get out of a car in one of these things? It’s basically an impossible feat. The moment you try, you will show the whole world your underwear. I am pretty sure that is the very last thing you could ever want.

Here are the most shocking red carpet outfits ever:

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